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Introducing our Contributors

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Bethan, Axelle, Ololade and Laura met at Cranfield University studying for an MSc in Management and Corporate Sustainability. After leaving, they wanted to continue sharing their ideas and stories on the ever-evolving sustainability landscape, which led to a collaboration on ECO STORIES.

Laura is from the North York Moors, where a love of nature and community led her to a career in sustainability. Prior to undertaking an MSc, she worked as a journalist in Colombia, covering environmental affairs. Her interest is in how to realign financial goals with sustainability goals and the role of social capital in accelerating this transition.

Most influential figure: Luisa Neubauer, a climate activist who took the German government to court over setting insufficient emission reduction targets. Winning the case has inspired others around the world to challenge their governments on setting more ambitious targets.

Ololade’s fascination with the endless possibilities of industrial symbiosis attracted her to a career in sustainability. Her experience stretches from circular economy to female empowerment from Brussels to London and Lagos. Now in consulting, she focuses on helping businesses harness capitalism for a sustainable future.

Most influential figure: Famous artist and actress Rihanna, built a truly inclusive and green business. Not only has it been successful at showing how being sustainable is good business, it also played a huge role in changing customers perceptions and forcing competitors to review and revise their sustainability strategy.

Axelle’s mission to contribute to social development in local communities was ignited by her upbringing in Mauritius, Madagascar and Rwanda. Axelle is a Chevening Scholar with expertise in partnerships, stakeholder management and strategic planning. When not solving complex sustainability challenges, she can be found scouting out new restaurants!

Most influential figure: William Kamkwamba, also known as the boy who harnessed the wind. He is a leading innovator in sustainable energy and famous for building a windmill made out of scrap metal to bring energy to his community. Check out to follow his current work around empowering problem solvers to ideate, co-create, and implement simple solutions that can change lives.

Contributor and Founder of ECO STORIES, Bethan developed her passion for environmental and social responsibility whilst working in the fashion industry in London, advising SMEs on their CSR policies and practices. After finishing her MSc, where she won the Director’s Prize, Bethan joined a consultancy helping businesses and charities enhance social value and cater to stakeholder needs.

Most influential figure: Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia's founder and environmentalist, for embedding sustainable principles and product development by not "doing business as usual" and creating a highly successful organisation. That is using the business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

Written by Bethan, Laura, Ololade and Axelle @theecostories

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